we are planning 2 days of fun!

Everybody can do what they want and ride where they want and team up - if they want  ….


NEVA 24 Rides

As always, the routes are suggestions, they are not tested or verified. Always ride at your own risk, don’t assume that GPS maps are accurate and totally up to date, use common sense! 

Weather may have changed road conditions, bridge out etc. 

Be prepared to turn around and find a detour!


We have prepared 4 Black Top (BT) routes and 2 mixed BT and dirt road routes:

BT Routes

1. Neva_BT1: This route goes south and west to cover the whole Catskills Park area from the “Hudson to the Delaware”, 202 miles

2. Neva_BT2: This route goes north and west to cover the northern part of the Catskills Park area, 202 miles

3. NEVA Ashokan Res Route: This route goes south and covers the eastern part of the Catskills Park area, 150 miles

4. NEVA Mountain Cloves SB Catskills: This route goes north and south and covers the eastern part of the Catskills Park area, 144 miles

5. Neva_Woodstock: This route goes south to Bethel NY, the site of the Woodstock festival and museum, 200 miles

Mixed Black Top and Dirt Routes 

6. Neva_BT&D: This route covers parts of NEBDR section 1 and 2. It goes south and west, covering much of the Catskills Park area, 182 miles

7. Neva NEBDR: This route covers more of NEBDR section 2. It goes south and east, covering much of the Catskills Park area, 164 miles

NOTE: The above Routes with Tracks have been created in Basecamp. We recommend using the TRACKS if your GPS allows to create a "ROUTE from TRACK" in order to ensure accurate data points. Always compare your route to the track to make sure they match. If your GPS is capable to display both a route and a track, do that and it will help, if there are discrepancies between the GPS route calculation and the track. 


Finally... NEVA is a gathering of individual riders at a campground. If those riders chose to go on group rides they are doing so at their own risk! NEVA does not have an official group ride! 

All riders are responsible for their own safety and which routes to ride. Nobody shall ride beyond his or her comfort level if you follow others. If the pace is too fast or if there are other safety concerns do not continue following and always make sure you have a backup plan how to get back to camp.

The lead riders are not tour guides or riding instructors or have responsibility of any kind for anything other than themselves. Anybody following them does so for their own convenience and takes full responsibility for their own actions and nobody shall be liable to anybody following them.

We include a downloadable ICE Form (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ( ICE ) CONTACT INFORMATION). 

We strongly encourage that everybody carry the completed form in their jacket pocket! We hope it won’t be needed but better to be prepared!